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Policyholders may, on some occasions, receive cash directly from their insurer as settlement of a property claim. If you are unsure of the extent of the damage any incident has caused, contact Rainbow International for expert advice on your requirements, so you can better understand the offer you’re being made and if it’s fair for the work that you require.

All of our cash settlement advice is based off expert knowledge of the work that you need doing, so you’re guaranteed to get a fair estimate and sound advice.


Professional Advice on Cash Settlements From Insurance in Portsmouth

If your repair work is not carried out by a professional restoration company, shortcuts and poor work could create problems in the future. Water leaks and floods in particular can cause secondary damage to contents and the building structure that may take weeks, or even months to manifest itself following an incident in your home.

As the UK’s leading supplier on Fire & Flood Restoration services, we can advise you on what may be necessary regarding Incident cash settlements, and any hidden potential hazards following a fire, flood or escape of water from plumbing installations.

If you are unsure of the damage any incident has caused following cash settlements with your insurance company, contact your local Rainbow International branch through the branch finder below. If you have any questions regarding our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Disaster restoration experts in Portsmouth

Should any restoration work be required in Portsmouth, every branch of Rainbow International is fully qualified to return your property to its pre-incident condition, effectively and cost-efficiently, with the minimum of disruption to your home life, providing assurance that the problem will have been eradicated and will not return to cause you any problems in the future.

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The technicians that attended my property today were fantastic! Thank you Rainbow!

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